Summary: FLASH NET LLC is a Wyoming based registered limited liability corporation, (LLC).

We are dedicated to the world of DATA PROCESSING AND PROGRAMMING SERVICES, INTERNET AND CYBER SECURITY SERVICES, VOIP/SIP TELEPHONY AND WIRED AND WIRELESS NETWORKS. We serve customers in the entire USA, and/or via the Internet we serve customers all over the world where is 100% legal and authorized by the US goverment.

We are sellers, resellers and wholesalers of Specialty Merchandise, computer software and hardware, specialized databases, home-office electronics, and we have a large collection of electronic books in PDF format“.

Our hosted magazines throughout the USA, Spain and Latin-America offer: “Online Advertising“, “Page Ads“, “Classified Ads“, and “Co-op Ads“.

Through our Data Processing Service Department, (DA-PRO-SE) and our eHosting.Space service we offer: web hosting services, postmaster services, internet domain names, web development, and several data processing and online services. We also provide computer programming services for the complete array of Microsoft Servers and Workstations.

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